Community and People

At Fas Agro loyalty is constantly rewarded. We stand by our employees to provide them with the best healthcare and overall working experience. In 1989, an Employee Union was established to bridge the gap between the working force and management. This step guaranteed the rights of our staff. Fas Agro is also committed to its community. We are constantly looking for projects that can change people's lives. Projects which invest in the future of coming generations. This is why we look to sponsor projects in schools, cultural centres, sports and recreational facilities, and necessary human needs

Association and Certification

Over the years and throughout our history we have always looked to improve. Gaining acknowledgement from the best local and international institutions cements our commitment to quality. We are proud to be associated with the following:

- Nigerian Mark Of Quality
- Nigerian Red Cross
- Certificate of Incorporation
- Standards Organisation of Nigeria Certificate
- Exporter's Registration Certificate

Community Sponsorships