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Fas Agro manufactures Agro sacks, laminated shopping bags, valve bags and polytwine. For more information

Our Values

Fas Agro is committed to establishing itself amongst the best in its field through adhering to set values

Our Commitment

Fas Agro is committed to quality, customer satisfaction, and staff welfare. At Fas Agro we are devoted to making our community better.

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Our Company

Who We Are

At Fas Agro, we are a pioneering force in agro processing, committed to delivering excellence through our range of premium products. With a focus on quality and innovation, we specialize in crafting agro sacks, laminated shopping bags, valve bags, and polytwine. Our dedication to our employees, community, and sustainable practices reflects our values and vision for a greener, more productive future.

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What We Do

Our Products


BOPP bags

Bulk bags used as an industrial containers

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Valve Bags

polypropylene bags used mostly for cement

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Agro Sacks

Woven polypropylene bags for storage

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Shopping Bags

Laminated Shopping Bags for purchases.

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Polypropylene twisted yarns

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Bulk bags for transporting large dry products

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Our Community Engagement

Our Community Support

  • Empowering Education
  • Cultural Enrichment
  • Access to Clean Water
  • Sports and Recreation:
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