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Fas Agro

Environmental Policy

Since its incorporation in 1989, the Company established the Fas Agro Eco Policy. This set of guidelines details how environmental considerations should weigh on management decisions. Environmental protection has been a key consideration in all of Fas Agro’s business activities.

Nigeria was one of the 178 nations who agreed by consensus to the 1992 Rio Declaration on Environment and Development (Agenda 21) which emphasises the need to protect and renew the Earth’s resources, and promote environmentally sensitive procurement policies for goods and services.

To undertake efforts to preserve the global environment in Fas Agro’s business activities:

  1. We consider the environment and use natural resources and energy with great care
  2. We promote the development and application of new technologies that do not place a burden on the environment
  3. We aim to raise the level of employee awareness toward environmental protection
  4. We endeavor to work closely with local communities and society

The scope of this policy covers Fas Agro’s sole site at Sharada Industrial Estate, Phase III, Kano, Nigeria. The policy is review annually in December, in conjunction with the Waste Management Officer Ibrahim Fawaz (Head of Production and Environmental Awareness).

Raw material recycling

Fas Agro presently records the levels of waste it produces from the raw materials it uses (polypropylene and polyethylene) and constantly aims and reducing it. Currently 100% of our raw material is recycled. Any waste from the plastic is shredded and re-used in our machinery. All our raw material (polypropylene and polyethylene.) is delivered in bags made either of polypropylene or polyethylene. All polypropylene bags are recycled on-site by Fas Agro, and all polyethylene bags are sent for recycling to local companies.

Water monitoring
Other waste