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Product I

Agro Sacks

Discover our woven polypropylene bags – a versatile solution tailored to your needs. Available in various sizes and colors, including transparent options, these bags are designed to safeguard rice, corn, wheat, vegetables, fruits, and even cotton. With strength woven into every thread, they ensure freshness and quality. From agricultural staples to delicate fibers, our bags combine adaptability and durability to preserve your valuable resources with utmost care.

Product II

Laminated Shopping Bags

Uncover the functional sophistication of our laminated polypropylene woven bags – a harmonious fusion of style and practicality. Available in an array of standard sizes and customizable designs, these bags transcend their role as mere carriers, evolving into an embodiment of your unique identity. Meticulously designed to complement your shopping excursions, they seamlessly integrate durability and fashion, ensuring that your acquisitions are conveyed not only with attention but also in harmony with your distinctive preferences. Whether you’re transporting groceries, fashion discoveries, or everyday necessities, our laminated bags heighten your carrying encounter, leaving an indelible mark.

Product III


Explore our woven polypropylene bags – a flexible solution designed just for you. Coming in different sizes and colors, including see-through choices, these bags are created to protect rice, corn, wheat, veggies, fruits, and even cotton. Each thread is woven with strength, guaranteeing freshness and quality. Whether it’s essential crops or fragile fibers, our bags blend adaptability and toughness to guard your precious resources with the highest care.

Product IV

Valve Bags

Explore the flexibility of our laminated top/bottom welded polypropylene bags, an adaptable solution catering to a range of storage requirements. These bags, expertly designed to excel in various applications, serve as reliable storage companions for cement and flour alike. Offering robust protection and secure containment, they stand strong as a preferred choice for cement storage while extending their utility to flour storage needs. Embrace the durability and versatility of our bags, providing dependable solutions for your storage demands, whether it’s in the construction industry or the realm of culinary essentials.

Product V


Introducing our latest innovation – the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC), a remarkable addition to our product lineup. These bulk bags redefine industrial storage and transport, catering to the efficient movement of substantial dry products, ranging from sugar and plastic granules to sand and chemicals. Designed to optimize large-scale handling, FIBCs stand as versatile industrial containers, ensuring the secure and convenient transportation of diverse materials. Embrace this pioneering solution, engineered to enhance the logistics of your business operations while upholding the standards of safety, efficiency, and reliability that define our products.

Product VI


Welcoming another cutting-edge inclusion to our product assortment – the Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) bags, revolutionizing packaging as we know it. This forward-looking packaging solution empowers customers to infuse intricate designs directly onto their bags, adding a captivating visual element to their products. Our dedicated packaging experts are at your disposal, ready to offer personalized consultations to ensure your BOPP bags perfectly align with your unique requirements. Embrace the packaging of the future and unlock a world of creative possibilities as we seamlessly blend innovation with functionality, setting new standards in the art of presentation and protection.